Getting Started

The bible really doesn’t say, “Charity begins at home”, although according to some poll I read somewhere, most Americans think so. However, home is a good place to start saving the world from. So, I’m starting with those who live close by, beginning with an invitation which my wife and I will begin handing out door-to-door. Saving the world must begin with an invitation: Won’t you be my neighbor?

At the first meeting (unless no one shows up) it will be important to clarify what the purpose of the meeting is. It will be important to gain a commitment from participants to listen and withhold judgment. It will be important to share some of my vision and encourage them to imagine a different, healed world – beginning with our neighborhood. Finally, it will be important to gain a commitment to become a neighbor – to learn along side of my wife and I about how to love.

A Vision will need to be articulated and accepted
An agreement of how we will relate to one another will need to be created.
The practice of dialog and the art of silent listening will need to be taught.
Leadership will need to be defined, nourished and allowed to function.
A rhizome structure of organization rather than a hierarchical structure will need to grow and evolve.

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