Small and Local

Small and Local

Neighbors Gatherings (NGs) are small groups of local neighbors within walking, biking, or short driving distance of one another who meet face-to-face on a regular basis.  Why small and local?  Because …

* NGs reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

* NGs are able to identify and use more local resources.

* NGs encourage participation and dialog.

* NGs create an environment for friendship and mutual support.

* NGs can meet two of our greatest needs after essential needs have been met—Intimacy and Ultimacy, or the need to belong and the need for meaning and purpose.

* NGs are primary units of social change and participatory citizenship.

* NGs are where we can care for one another and be accepted for who we are without any façade.

* NGs can become an extended family and a healthy environment for raising children.

* NGs are where each voice can be heard.

* NGs are beautiful. (E.F. Schumacher, Small is Beautiful)

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