This is the Invitation

To a new conversation

Of depth over speed

Of gift over need

A new Listening…


The structure of how we gather

Speaks of what really matters

Telling a new

Story of who

We are to each other


This is the Invitation

Community’s Restoration

By just showing up

We’re gifted enough

To birth a new world


Though we don’t know

what it will look like

We’re feeling that world’s alive

Like it’s ready to bloom

Here in this room

The seeds in each life


So Community’s New Frontier

Is finding all that we need, right here

To weave a rich, local life

Into a tapestry lined

With the connections we share


This is the invitation

To join a celebration

Of neighbors & friends

Connecting again

Creating the new…


Of neighbors & friends

Connecting again

Creating the new


My neighbors & friends

I’m glad to come in

And be here

With you.


Words & Music by Randy Weeks
with thanks to Peter Block and A Small Group

[email protected]    April-July 2009

Recorded 7-27-09 at Monastery Studio, Cincinnati, OH
Production & Engineering: Ric Hordinski
Acoustic Guitar & Vocal: Randy Weeks


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