Possible Values

Below is a list of possible values which may be realized as we work toward our purpose. We need to make and keep a distinction between value and purpose. For instance, a possible and probable result of these gatherings may be the development of a safer neighborhood. However developing a safer neighborhood is not our purpose. If it becomes our purpose, most of the other values on this list will not be realized.

Gatherings can be such that every neighbor will find value in them and want to participate, but not everyone will necessarily enjoy the same values.

  • Friendship.
  • Safety and Security.
    • Neighborhood watch.
    • “Safe Houses” for children.
  • Recreation and enjoyment of life.
  • Discovering local resources.
    • Borrow a wheelbarrow, lawn mower, chain saw, cup of sugar, etc…
    • Access to wisdom of elders.
  • Providing a valuable role for the elderly.
    • Restoring the lost value of storytelling.
  • Improving the environment.
    • Thinking “green” – using local resources, i.e., neighborhood garden, reduce dependence upon autos, etc…
  • Forming an extended family.
    • Providing a sense of belonging.
    • Creating a safe and healthy environment in which to raise children.
  • Building trust and acceptance.
  • Personal improvement.
    • Rise to new levels of social, physical, spiritual development.
  • Political power.
    • Groups have greater political power than individuals.
    • Inverting the top-down control of the governing elite over citizens.
  • Adding greater meaning and purpose to our life.
  • Enriching marriages.
  • Creating a tribal environment for raising children (it takes a tribe).
  • Improving Schools.
  • Raising property values.
  • Mentoring for children & adults.
    • Access to neighbors willing to share experience and education.
  • Sharing an ethic of love & trust.


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